Gulab Jamun Recipe

If you are the one, who like to eat Gulab Jamun, then this post is going to be super fantastic for you. You can now make gulab jamun at home and even can impress others with your cookery expertise. Let’s discuss how to make Gulab Jamun at home with supremely easy procedure. With merely 3 ingredients, you can now make soft gulab jamun at home. Although, maida, khoya and the ingredients like them are often used in the making of this sweet, but this new Gulab Jamun recipe, there is absolutely no need of these ingredients. Does it allure you? Don’t get passionate instantly, as you still have to make them.  

Simple and Easy Gulab Jamun Recipe 

You just need to have milk and sugar to make this delicious dessert. Be it a special occasion or any kind of festival, you will now be able to impress the guests with your skills. These are Bread Gulab Jamun. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s plunge into the simple Gulab Jamun recipe.

Now Check Simple Steps to Cook Gulab Jamun at Home

You need to take 8 bread slices and then trim their edges. It is up to you, if you like to keep the edges. If they are fresh, then keep them. If not or seem hard, simple remove them. Roughly tear these slices into 3 to 4 parts. Now, you need to add the pieces of the bread to a grinder and blend them a few times so that the breadcrumbs can be formed. Now take the coarse breadcrumbs in a big bowl.

It is now the time to add milk in a quantity of 8 tbsp to the breadcrumbs. Use hands to mix them. Mix them well. It will appear that the milk is lesser as compared to breadcrumbs. There is no need to get worried about at all, just keep mixing the milk and the breadcrumbs together. After a while, the mixture of the two – milk and breadcrumbs will begin gelling well together. It will take a shape of a dough. Still, if it appears crumbly, just add 1 to 2 tablespoons (tbsp) of milk more in the dough, and knead it.

Using the dough, make the small balls by rolling them in your hands. They will then turn out to be in smooth round shape just like balls. Make as many balls as you can from the dough. Put all of them on a clean plate. Now it is time to fry them. Heat oil in a pan. By the time it gets hot, put the balls in various batches in the hot oil. Fry them. Once they turn in a golden-brown color, take the balls out and put on an absorbent paper.

Take the pan and put one cup of water and add one cup of sugar into it. Now take the pan on the stove, switch on the flame and start boiling the sugary water until the syrup thickens a bit. There is no need to make it thicker more. Switch off the flame now.

It is time to do the final tricks. Yes, your Gulab Jamun recipe is going to end now by offering you or your guests the scrumptious desserts. Put the fried balls into the syrup and then again turn on the heat. The flame should be medium. Cook the balls for around 5 minutes. Once the time is over, switch off the heat. Now cover the pot with a lid, and let the sugar filled balls stay soaked for around 2 hours.

When the clock clicks saying 2 hours have gone, check your Gulab Jamun. The balls will swell up and turn double in size. The sweet Gulab Jamun are now ready to be served.

Hope, you must have learnt our recipe of how to make Gulab Jamun at home with super ease.

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